ISI provides solution focused services in the following areas:


Our training programs are accredited by several organizations providing accreditation services. These organizations include: CSA, OSSA, ANSI and WSBC. We focus on 3 main areas of adult education; learner centred practices, knowledge based learning and competency assessment. Training programs include:

  • 6 or 8 Weeks Workplace Safety Coordinator Program
  • Safety leadership and communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication strategies
  • Emergency Management
  • Various levels of hazard based training such as Fall Protection, Confined Space, Lockout, Rigging and Emergency Preparedness

In addition to standardized programs, we have developed client based and targeted safety programs for several clients including First Nation, Construction and Manufacturing.


This service focuses on our clients needs. We listen and help you at coming up with solutions. We provide insight, experience and knowledge but our client provides the expertise. We don't pretend to be expert at everything, we simply provide our client with potential solutions, we focus on the outcomes, gather knowledge and provide options that may be implemented by our clients.

Full time, part time and project based field support staff

This service provides our clients with the flexibility they need to manage their business. We provide safety professionals similarly to a temporary placement agency. This allows clients to hire our staff on a full time, part time or project specific base allowing significant human resources saving and providing the flexibility needed to deal with market influx and projects.


Organizations that want to improve will continuously audit themselves to identify gaps and find areas for improvement. Audit tools will be used to look at what they do best so they can continue to excel in these areas. We provide the following audit services:

  • BCCSA COR / IM audit
  • ISO 18000
  • Internal / client based audit